Long-Winded Relationship Maths

Love is as abundant as sand on the sea-shore,
but very difficult to apply in real life; making love
relationships work is as difficult as the most
intricate maths, requiring wisdom, patience,
understanding and so many unknown
factors in the equation

It is a miracle if a relationship works for a while;
look around, you'll see and feel love everywhere;
but love equations are mostly indicated by wrong
formulas and bad answers – become a pioneer
and work on new formulas by studying long-
winded relationship maths

Sometimes syrupy sweetness, sticky like molasses,
is part of the equations which keep some relation-
ship events turning successfully on their hinges;
add anything as dictated by circumstances,
even acidic sour worms and spicy curry
or mussels served with

Burning Tobasco sauce, just keep your finger out of
your eye if you are like me and taste with a finger in
advance; then I wiped my eye with a Tobasco finger;
the burning was incredible; yet a burning heart is far,
far worse; maybe it’s best to round off every
love equation with a chocolate Sundae…

by Margaret Alice

Comments (2)

What makes the perfect Relationship, god only knows, but for me if love is built on friendship, that's the ones that stand the test of time, because you're not afraid to sort out problems and be honest with each other... Abdrew 10
Interesting advice. Analogies to sand and spicy food suggest the similarity of love to the ambivalence presented by the burning sensation, and the whole math thing brings up both complication and the hope for concrete solutions. Thought-provoking, to say the least.