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Longer Day
CC (5/23/93 / Texas)

Longer Day

I need a longer day
To say what I need to say
I'm ready to speak
Even if you don't listen to me
My mind fights
My heart's on guard
Didn't want life
It felt so hard
Eyes so scared
Teeth were bared
Pain endured
I slipped in school
Hid my eyes
Covered with lies
No one knew
A hidden truth
Battle within
I won't give in
So many questions
No more lectures
No one's in
No real home to live in
So alone
Just brush it off no one has to know
I lost my way
Everyone goes nothing stays
People want to know me
It's hard enought to see me
So many words just ignore
How it hurts
You're not good enough
That wasn't quick enough
A raised fist
The truth exists
I cry some nights
But quickly I hide it
Don't let her find
You know what she'll do
Protect yourself
It's close to jail
Do you still wanna know?
A man's in my room
I don't know who
Situations getting deep
This man I cannot beat
Immense pain hidden so well
Keep quiet they can't tell
Loud shouts
She always told me no one cares
Not to look at her with a glare
Steal and lie
You'll forget just get high
Does it not matter that no one was even there
That a child sits at home hungry and scared
Years go by
I hesitate ever asking why
It's funny through all these years no one comes to see
That no one was there for me
From a small child
To a young women with a broken smile
A hated reflection
Has known nothing but rejection
Why do I hold on
How do I push on
A twisted mind
I know there's no rewind
For now I must go home
A little while longer I'll be alone
I will survive
I'm still alive
Just hide my sorrow
And start again tomorrow

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