Walking barefoot on fallen leaves,
wearing your love upon my sleeve.
I stand amazed in this field of dreams,
this senseless realm of deals and schemes.

Butterflies wave their delicate wings,
tree branches crackle and blue birds sing.
You ravish my thoughts both day and night,
I long for your glow, your bright shining light.

My thoughts devoured by images of you.

your beauty and love come shining through.
Where must I go, what shall I do,
how will I live in this world without you.

Thinking of Sweet James

by Melvina Germain

Comments (2)

James must have been a terrific person to have such a wonderful love poem written for him. Wonderful images and rhyming.
stewart, cagney, walker? ? ? i found this poem while looking for your Longing Still For You. where is that? i'll look some more! nice one, this. lucky Jimmy, James, or Jimmie! bri :)