Longing 6

I'm longing so much to just hold you close,
to share the sweetest kisses while we talk,
to look in your eyes and tell you your beautiful
and that I love you so very much.
I'm longing so hard to be by your side,
holding your hand seeing you smile.

I long and yearn to be with you all my life
then spend eternity with you in the next.
You are my soul mate and best friend,
the best fate I could imagine is spending
all time with you holding each other.
My heart calls to you telling its secrets.
I'm longing for you my Angel Queen,
to me you truly are everything.

I just want to hold you right now
and stroke your hair.
I long to be so close to you.
My heart is aching in great need for your love,
your acceptance is the greatest thing I desire.
I love you sweet Kira and long for your hand,
I want to show you my love in every single way.

by Michael P. McParland

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