AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Longing For A Home

When I think of all the homeless
animals in shelters, it breaks my
heart! Longing for a home and
someone to love them, we should
really do our part. There's nothing
like an animal, to bring love and
caring, into your life. If you're
feeling bad as many of us do at
times, they can take away, that
strife! They're always there, so
even if you're alone, you have
someone, to talk to everyday.
Believe me, they're better than
some people, as by your side,
they'll always stay! You never can
feel lonely, for their love is for you
only and think of the good deed,
you've done. Not only do they
love you, but they can also be, a
lot of fun! They don't want much,
only a tender touch and lots of
loving care. Believe me, it will be
returned, in every way, for more
than anything, they're happy, to
be there!

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A beautiful write for our canine friends. I love the rhythem and usually don't spend to much time in non rythmetic poetry. A very good job. A 10. Lynn