SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

Longing Is My Signature Poem

Longing is my signature poem
Longing for those not here
Regret that they are still not part of this world-

And not because of some unusual especially cruel personal tragedy
But because this is the way of the world-

So to many I am a child and a fool
And a self- indulgent maker of my own sadness
A player at being grief- stricken for literary purposes-

But to myself and deep down I know the truth
I do miss them much
I do grieve often
I do wonder what it will be
When others do or do not grieve for me
I do wonder why God made it all this way

And I do pray somehow deeply pray to God
Against the seeming impossibility
That each one loved will be alright and alive again

And that life for all of
Will be real life without end.

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A poem that accepts yourself for who you are.++10