Longing To Be Loved

I trusted you as I have not
trusted anyone. I confess to you
how I felt and you in return
led me to believe you felt the same.
I now know that the words you spoke
were words of deception.
Now I lie everynight in a lonely
bed not blaming you, instead blaming
My heart has been broken for what
feels like eternity and even in my sleep
tears will fall.
I do not regret meeting you, dancing with
you, or falling in love with you.
I regret not regretting it.
For I am longing to be loved by someone
who desires my love.
Then my heart will heal and at night
I will finally sleep and in my sleep
I will smile.

by Lorna Gero

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Very nice and revealing. Love only comes to one who identifies what it is! You know this now. It will not forsake you! L