Poem Hunter
(8 December 1925 - 2 March 1972 / Ambala / British India)


I wait for your announcement in my name..
A penalty to the crime of my defiance.

My passion does not rouse me to excess;
.. merely, the reticent pouring of your vessel.

The bleakness of the night fades with lamps.
Send me a luminous tear of the rise day.

Wombs of arid lands you have blossomed.
Give then a fertile wound upon my heart.

You light up dark settlements with candles.
Then send a guide to the desert of my soul.

A return to the voicing through an age..
O God, alas, a comrade to my thought..

Peace has dimmed the pages of my thought.
O the bleakness of separation, give me ink.

If the courage of speaking up has ebbed,
Give testimony with a silent tongue.

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