Could I compare this feeling
To shuffling down deserted streets
With the only distraction from heart wrenching loneliness
Being the scuffle of worn feet breaking
The deafening silence of a world now long abandoned

My dilemma
I have known them all before
Shared a million meaningless conversations
Gazed into the vast expanse of empty eyes
Buried myself in the grave of a passionless embrace
I need a girl who dares me to exist
Someone who will drive me to extinction
Someone to tear me away from this world of loneliness
and captivate me

In my dreams our eyes meet
As our souls cross
Leaving us both no longer hollow and without purpose
After a lifetime of nothingness
Our existence has meaning as pure as truth
We have one another
We are together in this falling world
We are together under the burning sky
Out living the dying stars that shall
No longer live to shine through another twilight

A sense of foreboding fills me
As I know until this day loneliness follows me
Polluting the night air
Adding pain to sunsets
I wait for her to find me and prove
That I exist.

by Cameron Knight

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