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DRE (04/25/1997 / Indiana)


Look a the hole
the hole you put in my heart.
Look at the tears
the tears that roll down my cheek.
Look at the frown
the frown upon my mouth.
Look at my eyes
my eyes that water.
Look at the torness
the torness in my face.
Look at the big bruse
the big bruse across my heart.
Look at me
Look at me and realize
How much I loved and still love you.
Look at me and realize
how much I cry
over you because I love you!
Look at my face and realize
what you lost!
Realize that i may not take you Back!
Realize your the reason I cry!
Look at me and realize
You broke my heart.
Realize that I maybe gone forever!
Look at me
then look at you!
Whos laughing now!
Im getting over you,
and you want me back.
I realize how much of a jerk you are.
I realized your a heart breaker
I looked at you and saw who you really are!
Looked at you and saw you for you (a stupid jock.)

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Comments (6)

seems like someone hurt you at some time. its good to get these emotions out nice work... dino
i no but i just cant get him out of my head hes always on my mind: (
You need to let go of him. If he continues to hurt you then you shouldn't go back to him.
I wish i would just realize that but every time i think its all good something goes wrong and i go bak to him...: (
thanks and i wish i could realize that but every time i gett to not likeing him anymore but then something goes wrong in my life so i go bak to him...: (
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