(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Look Again

As hearts being soft, angels and beasts doth like same end
Look again into your heart that once on mine, beat depend

The winged creatures do fly to others that to new heart
Of kings and riches of the world speak expert in their art

For loving the beast is the love, what kind of?
Love to have- No, the loved one's back, is entertain and laugh

To be a fragrant with pretty patterns of love, doth smell policy?
Do they, do they not- both eat him upto pieces with no mercy

Form what material hearts are made oft?
Where outlooks seem-not crude and black smile's soft

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Comments (2)

The real life and fantasy/dream are separated by thin barrier, so other things in contrast...smear the boundaries, it will crack some ways for you to exchange between two worlds
Look into your heart, that once on mine, beat depend. Great structure.