Look Ahead

on the edge of january
toward the light of something new
are the hopes of bright tommorows
and investments overdue!
on the verge of history making
breaking ground in fertile soil
rest imagination's parchment
bringing wonder to a boil.

stars of science lead the journey
beakers filled with rhapsody
are a precipice we live on
one we chase and sometimes flee.
wisdom tests the new found answers
tucked in pages found in books
written with a new inscriber
light, and filaments of looks.

tools are always two edged swords
cutting limits to the quick
are they helpful to the many
on with which the lessons stick.
or do rasps and hammers fall
on the backs of sorrow's few
tearing into hapless workers
and the bones on which they chew.

such are musings for december
turn the page into the year
are the next week's marvels deadly
oft confused and full of fear?
risks are on the cusp of knowledge
and the soul of nations fly
will we fall beyond the limit
leaving no more men to cry?

out beyond the days of never
would the last of freedoms fail
packaged tightly in the wrapping
silicon's a hardened jail.
yet the gifts found out somewhere
far a field from what we know
are the futures glowing wonders
in this endless picture show.

how to measure moving forward
tides are flowing into dust
easier to drift along
with empty heads, and yet, we must.
for in growing always outward
lie fulfilment of our dreams
standing still as winter passes
never is quite what it seems.

by martin elbin

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