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Look At Me
LTD (1/24/1992 / Cortez)

Look At Me

Poem By live to die

Look at me
Look in my eyes
can you see
my pain
I've fallen in Darkness
no one to look for
no one to care for
no one can see my pain
hateing everyone and everything
can you see what I'm going through

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Comments (5)

I look at you and my tears fall, the hate that you bring, makes life seem less strong, hold me through the night, while i protect you from the worst, as of death we embrace with glory gore we end we must. hehe sucks i know. I love this poem though. Nice XoXoXoXo
eyes that i see that make my heart fail such pain that only make my breath die could this really be true continue to make poems that are true to you
i get it because my friends cant look at me any more, they find it easier to look passed me and forget me
i can't see what you are going through but i can see it is maing yu really depressed....
i like it..simple..~hazel