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Look At Me (Anti-Bullying)
GL Genese Lozada (July 4,1994 / LDN, Philippines)

Look At Me (Anti-Bullying)

Look at me
Do you see it in my eyes?
Look at me
Do you still recognize?
Look at me
Do you see terror and fear?
Look at me
Do you see that undropped tear?

Sssh! Sssh! sshhh...
Don’t bother asking me why
You all know it I can see it through your eye
Don’t you ever blink cause you might not be able to see
How cruel and mean you were and are to me

I could still remember
Way back when I was ten
You were the zero and I was the one in the perfect ten
You might not recall but I could even remember when
The day had just ended
I was waiting for our car to drive me home
Then you came while I stood all alone
Without a warning you grabbed me by your hand and placed your fist on me
An unknown tragedy
Smashed me back and forth until blood was flowing endlessly
I screamed “Help! ”
But no one was around to help me
So you continued to bully me
But this time it is was verbally
Stupid weird stick and started mocking me
As I waited and waited silently
For a hero to come and rescue me
But sadly a single cape I did not see
Instead your pack of friends
That watched as you’d beat me up daily

Now tell me
Did you do it cause I’m uncool?
Did you do it because I looked like a fool?
Did you beat me cause I’m unrecognized?
Or was it because you were bigger in size?
Did you beat me cause I just looked so lame?
Or was it because of my stupid name?
Or was it just because it was all part of your dirty game?

Answer me
How many were we
Victims of you
Silent and shy that you treated so brutally
Answer me
Please just don’t give a sigh
Answer me
And don’t you ever lie

Now look at me
And tell me what you see
Do you see the traces of the scars you’ve left on me?
Or the burns, the bruises and the marks of loneliness you fed me up daily
The cold and brittle heart you planted within me
The happy life that I should have had
Which you snatched so instantly

Now look at me
Tell me, tell me what you see
Slowly pull off the white blanket above me
Answer me, why I’ve chosen to cut this life so shortly

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👏 Bravo! What a wonderful poem