BM (27/10/91 / Sheffield)

Look At You!

I look at you
But who are you?
I thought I knew you
I thought you were true?

I see somewhere deep inside
The friend that I once knew,
The friend I once trusted
The friend I thought was you.

I look at you
And see straight through,
The person I once knew
But looking now
You've changed so much
You've lost the plot
You've lost your touch

To be able to talk to you
And ask you for help
Why do I find it so hard?

Maybe 'cos you lie to me
Maybe cos you hurt me,
I'm going to tell you soon
And hopefully you'll see.

You'll see what you do
To your close friends,
You'll notice who's there
Till the end.

I'm always here
And you know that,
So why are you treating me
Like a little twat?

It's not just me that thinks all this
There are others that must miss

Just missing the person
Who we all knew,
Missing the person
Who was true!

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