Look At You

Look at you Miss “I’m not scared”
Look at you Miss “I’m prepared”
I can see behind those eyes
I see the insecurity that lies
You cannot lie to me
I see further then what others see
You and I both know what goes through you mind
I know that a solution’s what you’re not trying to find
Tell me, what is wrong with you
What do you think will change if you do the things you do
I know you know which decision is right
If you make it you won’t have to cry another night
Do what I tell you…… trust in me
Don’t be a coward……… I’ll show you what you want to see
Look at you Miss “I’m not scared, Miss I’m prepared'
You’re dead ………… all because you dared


by M.A. Ces

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This poem is sad you blended the lines perfectly I swear mayra your a true expert