Look Deeper, Listen Harder

Poem By Taylor Hainline

Was it meant
To end like this
All set up
Like a restricted bliss
Never to be remembered
But the scars
That linger on arms
Tell a different story
A silent echo in the night
No one heard
The pounding of moonlit teardrops
Was it meant
To hide the light
And give them no reason
To continue this fight
A missing son, daughter, wife
Will be searched for in the night
But a missing heart and mind
Who's to look for
While they're alone
A simple smile
A gentle hand
Can clean their eyes
Find their minds
Give them something worthwhile

Comments about Look Deeper, Listen Harder

A very impressive humanistic piece of work. Thanks
There is a very deep soulful rhythm to this piece... its like it is designed to be sung but not in a harmonious lovely way but in a dark searching voice... very well done, Taylor

5,0 out of 5
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