AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Look For Your Love.

May0be you are graceful young children,
Admirers of the opposite sex is a beautiful.
You do look for Prince Charming,
Princess Snow White wants him.

Ah, my God why this?
This was the story 40 years ago.
You have often made with the same dream.
Will definitely be a dream comes true?

Poor you made it a pipe dream!
You want to attract his attention?
Ah, I'll give you a prompt:
Prince Charming does not like a coat.
He will select a soul purely white.
He has loved The Sound of Music.
You are a lovely person?
The Sound of Music whether or not
As you can be the conditions?

You Prince Charming, Prince Charming!
Why are you waiting for the Princess?
Love does not mean that your wealth.
Princess will be your favorite shape?
You do not love how her inner beauty!
She just loved the boys with inner beauty.
She is afraid of you inside a Devil.

Yeah, yes, the world is man and woman.
We have to know how to find a graceful child you?
Money is not your goal.
Only willing to face things outside the United States?
It's really looking for your true love it!
Do not made it unnecessary daydreaming.

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Dreaming of fairy tales, beautiful poem Albert.......a 10.