Migrant's Dream Haiku

Poem By Chenou Liu

I watch them congregate
bedecked in their best
(black usurps jewel-toned
they look to the cantor,
to the stained glass
to throw a prism over
pallid brows

to fill the tractor
with daisies instead
of the mortar and bricks
that would actually
fortify their house

and I ask them
to look around,
below sea level,
where everyone floats
in the same suspension
and everyone's eyes
burn in unison
when one fool
kicks up a wave

look around
because forever
isn't locked in the holy ark,
or pinned to a cross

it's asking how are you
and really hearing the response.

Comments about Migrant's Dream Haiku

A refined poetic imagination, Tyovihi. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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