Look, I'M Not In Love!

No, you've got it wrong! I don't love her.
Yes, she's cute. Yes, she's nice. God, she's nice...
OK, OK, I admit it! Big deal!
You happy now?
Loads of lassies out there just as cute, just as nice!
Why would I pick her?
Why not the girl across the road?
Why not the girl around the corner?
I don't have to pick wossername.
Yes, I know her name! It's Lucy.
Now you're bound to want to say, I love Lucy!
It rolls off the tongue!
Then you'll start to thinking I'm having a ball...
You can't help playing the matchmaker!
Just let things be, eh?
Just try your luck with someone else. Why pick on me?
Yes, I'm single. OK, she's single... what of it?
She'll probably marry some guy!
He doesn't have to be me, does he?
What... she said she likes me?
That's natural. I'm easy-going.
She likes my eyes? What for?
They're just teeny weeny eyeballs.
She says I've got kind eyes? Well, she has, too!
They're quite blue, actually, like sapphires...
Or topaz or soft amethyst... A bit like mother of pearl...
Yes... she IS a lovely girl... and every now and then,
When she smiles, I get this warm feeling, all over...
But that can't be love, can it? Not real love?
Does she really like me? What... REALLY?

by Denis Martindale

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