Look Into Her Eyes

look into her eyes,
can you see what i see.
i see the pain, she's felt.
her eyes are tired.
because the hope she once had is gone.
only lies keep her beliefs together.
only lies are binding her happiness.
false happiness, filled with false hopes.
she is the one who lost everyone dear to her,
and here you stand looking at her as if you are staring into a mirror.
her eyes cast down.
can you feel what i feel just looking into her eyes.
you where what was her everything,
now explain to me why you aren't with her, when you feel the same.
ah you had no choice, Wrong answer.
look into her eyes, do you feel how much she misses you.
look into her eyes, you'll find a place where words cannot reach.
look into her eyes, see they are full with sorrow.

look into her eyes, and show her yours.
show her your back, prove to her you feelings haven't changed.
let her see your eyes,
when eyes meet, words cannot speak,
when eyes meet, you'll feel the hearts beat as one,
that is when love comes.

look into her eyes and see the sparkle you bring
step back look into her eyes and see
that sparkle once was is and is now faded

bring her back to common ground
bring her into the love you found

let her know
look into her eyes and let her know

by kanako izumkui

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