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Look Mom! I Ate Everyone

Veggies! and Veggies.
To eat right up!
Asparagus, cauliflower.
Oh! What Yuck!
Green ones and yellow ones...
Oh! My, My!
I think now I surely will die...
Acorn, summer squash...
Green beans and peas
Red beets and Brussel sprouts
Oh please...Please, not me!
No more veggies! I can't eat a one.
Not a green salad! Look!
You're giving me one.
Tomatoes, toe-maa-toes...
Green leaves galore
Lettuce on heads...Mother!
You're giving me more!
A radish, a carrot, a sliver of beets...
Potatoes, Po-tot-toes...
Try one... You'll see!

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