AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Look Scenery On Homes Balcony.

I stand on home's balcony,
Look out purple green far mountain, misty sea.
In sky, the white clouds buoyantly have slid.
Several eagles, show disdain for circles highly fly.

'Cloud, Cloud! ' shouted, as my little grand-daughter babbles.
'Hits, Hits! ' Repeatedly, when she sees the eagles flying.
The laughter greatly shouts again and again. Once and twice again.
'Hits, Hits! ' shouted, with her happy childish laughter.

The big birds sometimes are high; Sometimes low-flying circles.
When low-flying, I feared they flush down,
I worried, they injure, Injures my little grand-daughter.

Big bird! Why do you soar in here?
For children! Pursues the food?
The little grand-daughter continues 'to hit! '
Hits the sound 1 did not to be startled again and again.

She looks just like a young overlord.
Is it possible that are they all afraid?

Flies the high in the clouds, slowly high flies,
Flies vanishes to the mountain high up and away.

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I could see from here at this distance the whole scenery described in your poem-your granddaughter playing, big birds flying, the clouds, balcony etc. etc. Very nice poem to read and enjoy.