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Look Some Place Else

Look Some Place Else

Wish the words would
that would
hose away
all this shit
in my heart.

Or is it my mind?
Who really cares?

I look out across
and imagine you on your 60th birthday.

Columbus Day, once again.

Would I know what to say then?
'C'mon, ol' lady. Let's go take a shower
and let me soap up your tits.'

Truth is, I don't really write that much
or that often.

Too fucking busy with a life without you.

And most of the time, I have
no reason
to remember you.

But, then (it never fails)
I'll hear a song
or read a book
or see a poem

that kicks awake something that still isn't dead

and your face pops into view.

The words of others
remind me
that I'm not the only one to have these feelings.

Their words...
well, I need to stay away from them.

They take me places I don't wanna go.

They take me to you.

Sometimes you gotta chew
real fast
to get through
a bad meal.

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