Look - Think - Remember - Love

God's Omni-presence is revealed in all of His Creation.
LOOK for Him in all that your senses see--
And when you are aware of His Omnipotent Presence,
Be Thankful unto Him and Bless His Holy Name!

When you wash your hands with your liquid soap,
THINK of God's Cleansing Power--
By the shedding of blood by His Precious Son, Jesus,
He washes away the sins of the World!

REMEMBER His love for His own--
He gives Hope, Joy, Peace-- comforts in pain and strife--
Heals-- Takes away our sins of omission and commission
And remembers them against us no more! Hallelujah!

He's Omniscient and cares for our every need--
But grieves when we ignore, disobey, neglect,
Do not seek His Will, fail to serve Him-- or show our love.
LOVE Him and Others-- He first loved us!

by Eloise Jensen

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