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Look Up

have you ever felt,
that you can't go on?
that you always end up,
to be in the wrong?

nothing is right,
whatever you try,
thinking to yourself,
'i might as well die'.

struggles, pain,
fear and more,
it's beating you up,
to your very core.

just when you think,
that everyone's gone,
take a moment,
before you move on.

relax and breath,
lie on the ground,
breath again,
and just look around.

not just around,
but look straight up,
never think,
you've had enough.

never think,
that you're alone,
because sure as hell,
there's more to come.

whether you think,
i'm wrong or right,
there's always someone,
by your side.

His name is God,
and He's always there,
when you're happy,
or when you're scared.

God is my hero,
and my friend,
i know He's with me,
to the very end.

He's with you,
whether you like it or not,
and believe me, at times,
He's all you've got.

so go ahead and cry,
or whatever you do,
but always remember,
to look up, He's there for you.

by sarah baron

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this is the second poem of yours. and... wow................. your talented.. but sometime.. god aint always there.. i can pray with all my might.. but.. sometimes.. it never happens.. and everything is gone.. your poems are beyond.. wonderful.. this one poem of yours... gives me hope. thank you! continue writing. great job. -J.C