Look Up! Look Up!

Don't just sit there stewing -- Look Up!
New life -- new love -- new thoughts are brooding
I come from another brighter sphere
One of laughter, love, joy and cheer.
Spark up, lift up, arise from fear!
Your heart's been answered --- I am here --- Look Up!

Don't just lie there looking down
In the blindness you've been following
You've been struggling, drowning,
Wallowing, Wallowing - in Heaviness, grief, defeat, despair
Stand up! Get up! lift your thoughts into bright, clean air!
Halt the weeping! Stop the crying! All that gravity ends in dying
Now let your heart burst out in its shout for Life
Everythings new --- It's down with strife -
Everything's new in loving life --- your life's anew with Life more Life!

Look up! Look up! Let me enfold you now in wings of Light --- Take Flight!
Let that which is past be finished and gone
I am with you forever --- your heart's singing My song
Lookup! Look up! and you will see - your life's unfolding in My lifes Trinity
Love - Praise and Gratitude
Your life's New Ascension Attitudes!
Look up! Rise up!

by Karen Ely Thiele

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Nice reading this.. thanks for sharing..