Look Up Young Girl

See the young rambunctious girl, frolic, head held high

Skipping, hopping, laughing, singing, all with eyes unto the sky

Captivated by all she sees, entranced by all she hears

Her very own knight in shining armor, slaying the dragons of her fears

With eyes as piercing as Providence supposed & cunning thoughts that radiate prose

She lives the life she knows, she would have always chose

Yet, between then & now her gaze droops down

Her songs are silenced & dragons abound

Her hero is captured, her courage is raptured

Her piercing gaze is broken & fractured

Was it her who wavered from that life she lived

Is it her who is guilty of some unquenched sin

How came about this tragic tale, told time & time again

Let none be led to investigate, let this story reach its natural end

[Written upon the Dei of Venus in the merry Moon of May]

by Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

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I decided I might use it as soon as I sighted the title, and upon seeing I'm permitted, I heaved a sigh of relief for I shall not be able to tell how far this story shall reach and how good this poem is