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Look What You Did To Me
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Look What You Did To Me


Do you see that I am crying?
Oh wait I can't even cry
I am so numb
But you don't even care
I wish I had someone to lean on
Someone who can wipe away this pain
Fight away these fears

You stole my innocence away.
You left my body, heart, and soul
in never ending pain.
Disgrace and Shame
follow me around everyday.
How could you do those things to me
with no apologies?

How could you look at me with a smile on your face?
You are such a disgrace
Take a hard long look at me now.
Look inside tell me what do you see?
Do you see the harm that you did?
I am scared for life all thanks to you.
How could you do this to me you're own flesh and blood

Holding onto the happy memories I had
after that dreadful night,
oh wait I have none
because you removed all the happiness away
oh dearest brother,
you robbed me of my childhood.

You stole all my happy thoughts
You are such a thieve
First it was my virginity
Now you stole my happy memories
How can you live with yourself?
How can you sit there and say that you did nothing wrong?

The abuse I remember so well
I lived in my own little hell.
Describe to me
how does this make you feel?
My life back then felt so unreal.- How could you do such a thing to me?

Now I have to live with agonizing pain every day for the rest of my life
If only you could see inside of me
How broken up and torn I am
But you wouldn't even care would you?
You love seeing me this way and you know you do

November 21,2007

Notes: A friend and I wrote this together...I wrote every other one...beginning with the first stanza.

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you and your friend did a great job... this had me thinking. Becca