Look What You'Ve Done

Poem By XxAmieLee xX

Look at me here
Lying on the floor
I'm forever changed
Look what you've done

You loved me and left me
I love you and mourn you
Look what you've done

I said that I loved you
You didn't believe me
Look what you've done

Look at me here
I'm a better person
Look what you've done

Comments about Look What You'Ve Done

I have just read this beautiful poem of yours. The poem starts with a feeling of devastation and ends with a feeling of resurrection. So nice!
I really liked this because you transformed a singular emotion into a transforming experience. That is the residue of cruelty. A magnificent statement done in repetition. wonderful poetic device. I much approve. GW62
Strength, something that poem had a lot of. Great work Amie.
Amy this poem is GREAT. I know that me and my friends don't really talk to you at school much but right now I feel your Pain. So yer Me and Emma like your poems keep at it.

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