I used to drive from town to town,
no special place, I could be found,
I had no one to call my own,
and I had no place that I called home,
always looking for that special girl,
one that would make my heart spin and whirl,
from county to county, from state to state,
never could I find that one special mate,
it seemed to me, as I searched around,
that for me love would never be found,
through the years I made my way,
but love for me just wouldn't stay,
still I look for that special one,
I guess I'll look till this life is done,
then one day came a knock on my door,
there stood a girl, I had met before,
on her face was a certain grin,
so I stepped aside and invited her in,
we talked for hours, just her and me,
slowly in my heart, I felt a certain glee,
suddenly she changed before my very eyes,
she stood up and began to rise,
she beckoned me to rise up with her
in my mind thoughts began to stir,
she was leading me to a place of love,
into a mansion way high above,
before an altar, my sins to atone,
then I heard a voice say, welcome home,
I looked around and no one was there,
but I could feel the warmth, move in the air,
as I stood there in solemn awe,
let me explain just what I saw,
first I saw a vision, floating above,
then a voice said to me, still you look for love,
you had it all around you, you had it all along,
you saw it in a maidens smile, or in the words of her song,
you saw it many times, while you were running wild,
you saw it on a mothers face, as she tended her child,
you saw it often as you roamed around the land,
but you never stopped long enough, for it to grab your hand,
so I sent an angel, to bring you to me,
so you could stop looking, and set your soul free,
now I give you wings, and send you back below,
to find a special person that only you will know,
though it may take forever, forever and a day,
your heart will have no burden, it will be light and gay,
when you find this special person, that you are to bring to me,
it is then and only then, your spirit will be free.

written by Harry Bryant
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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