AG (1963 - / St.Helens, South Lancashire, UK)


I was looking for love,
But I never found it.
People told me that I would,
Find what I sought,
Yet I should never look for it,
Instead let it find you, they said.
And that’s what I did, I sat in

I sat in boredom, lonely again,
At the bar, at the club, eyes fixed on the door.
Yet love never came, it was just the same,
My life never changed,
What a letdown; such a shame.
I read romance, I saw it on film,
Was love truly real, or was it all lame?
Or was it nothing more, then a sad, sorry game?
And in patience I waited,
And if love was my date,
Then you never arrived; you never came.

I was looking for love,
But I never found it.
A solitary person, within a group
Of friends, everyone was a couple,
Yet I hadn’t made amends,
As love had failed to strike my heart
As I saw no Cupid from the start.
No arrow aimed, no target hit,
No candle lit, so here I sit…..
Yet all of a sudden I saw so clear
That love isn’t always a thing so dear,
It can hurt; it can betray,
It can fail to be strong and stay.
And as I frequented the singles bars,
And other such places, I began to
Notice the profoundly sad faces.

I was looking for love,
But I never found it.
So I stopped looking, and forgot about it.
Life went on, as day past into day,
I stopped looking in January and now it was May.
It was only when the Summer came, whilst on holiday,
That love had finally happened, it really did that way.
He came towards me smiling, an Adonis in broad view.
He took me in his arms that night,
And I took him – WELL GIRL – wouldn’t you?

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