Looking At You!

Looking at You!

Falling on your shoulders,
Your radiant blond hair
Shines as the morning sun over the hills.
My desire for living every minute fills.
Yes! It’s my energy!

Looking at your white, tender skin
Makes me think
Of the purity there is in your heart;
The purity this feeling has.

Your perfectly shaped body
Is like a mirror of nature’s perfection,
For there is no doubt
How perfect nature is.

When looking at you,
I'm gone into a galaxy of emotions
Where no time and space seem to matter.

When hearing your sweet, tender voice,
I'm in a lost world day dreaming.
No time is needed,
For the endless whisper of your melodious tone
Cuts deeps into my mind.

Looking at you is undescribable,
For it is being in Paradise!

by Rubiert Hidalgo

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