SJ ( / UK)

Looking Back

Looking backwards to the days of yesteryear
contemplating the thoughts that cross my mind
I am reminded once again of a blooming rose
that within the verdant garden of life, grows

Winsome and wild, were those days now gone by
believing back then that it was possible to fly
I am challenged by the future and what it holds
and yet I can do nothing but watch as it enfolds

Gazing with longing into the far off distant past
yearning again for those emotions that didnt last
I am grieved by the passing of what used to be
e'en though I am discovering what it is to be, me

Haunting and harrowing, the day passes in memory
taking little glimpes at images of what used to be
I am moved by the the things I see before my eyes
and chose to not dwell on what turned out to be lies

by Susie James

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