Looking Back

Poem By jordan xno

when you look in my eyes what do you see?
Do you really see me or just the act i put on?
Can you see how my life is lived?
Do you know i'm suffering from guilt?
Do you see the pain i keep inside?
Do you see the blood and tears coming froom my eyes?
Do you know everything about me?
If i told you would you understand?
Could you keep my secret?
Can you see how much pain i'm in cuz of you?
Do you know i cut myselfe to keep the pain away?
Do you know i drink to forget about my horrid past?
Do you see that when you look in my eyes?
Do you know that i dont want to live anymore?
Do you know that it's all cuz of you?
Will you save me?
Will you even care?
Will you notice my crys for help?
Do you know?
Do you care?
You looked in my eyes and didnt know anything.
You didnt care enough to see.
You hurt me so now i say goodbye.

Look in my eyes..what do you see?
Do you see how my life was and why i died?

Comments about Looking Back

Can we ever know another person, really? I think this thought as I read your poem and it makes me ponder.

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