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Looking Back

Looking back at those
memories, as i take
a train back to the
past, faces, places, and situations
appear like a multicoloured
palate, that clouds my
window pane. Those
lonely tracks shroud
themselves in the affectionate
hug of the mist.

The multicoloured eggs,
store themselves in the
womb of my nostalgic
tears, that roll down
quietly even when the
inward storm brews
and creates turmoil,
in my conscience.
Tears quietly run
down the draught-prone,
burning throat, into the
red soil of my heart,
where the roots of
vapours branch out the
clouds over my mind,
like white cloth, over
the coffind of furniture
in an attic............

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Another beautiful piece of writing. Your extended metaphor captures the emotions superbly. I like the momentum you have achieved in the rhythm of the poem. Wonderful.