(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Looking Back

It’s interesting to look back in time
To when our country was new
Folks were different back then
When the population was so few

The sunsets were just as beautiful
Back then as they are today
But life was so earthy and solid
The values did not go astray

The Native Americans, of course
Didn’t have our fancy tools
They did what they had to do
Went by their own set of rules

It’s eye opening to stop and think
And study folks that lived before
But you know, they are the ones
Who worked hard to open many doors

It’s like the difference in steam engines
And the modern day Amtrak
We need to take out of our lives
Slow down and take time to look back!

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What's old and what's new? traditions tell a lot of things...they teach...old hands, generations back, have really helped to build all nations...we easily forget this fact...truthful words Marilyn...thought provoking poem indeed...10