CD ( / Belfast)

Looking Back

You tried to talk to me today.
I didn't reply. You know why.
It wasn't that I didn't want to,
you know that, I didn't know how to.
The time isn; t right for us (to be friends again) .

I needed some cheering up.
So I went down town.
I thought it would've been too painful,
but it was so busy and full.
I couldn't resist. I'm a fool.

I looked about to buy you something.
Then I remembered I couldn't, and shouldn't.
We were so cold the last time,
and so happy too.
There wasn't anything I wouldnt do.
All I wanted was you.

I thnk about of often
sipping tea from my favorite cup.
What did you not like in me?
that soon became so key,
and caused our friendship to cease to be?

I had some chips, in your honour.
I didn't finish them, in your honour.
I'll never finish them,
until we share a cold, wintery night,
until everything I didn wrong
has been made right.

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Comments (3)

i rather like this poem..shows promise..keep writing
I agree this is another good one. You used these lines to great effect: 'I'll never finish them, until we share a cold, wintery night, ' It gives the poem true emotion and hope for the future perhaps...Nice one.
a glorious desire to go back into time and swing it around into the present and create love once more a fine poem