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Looking Back
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Looking Back

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

Looking back to my early years.
Now I can see where the hurt began.
Why me though why me?
Looking back scares me.
Looking foward does the same.
Becuase all the pain of the years never goes away.
Its stuck in my heart,
like a tiger gets its prey.

Hate and anger floods in.
As I hate you all all the more.
Why did you rape me I ask?
But all you would do is laugh.
I can't understand how you could do that to a person.
But I feel the pain of what you did.
The pain just never seems to go.

Looking back is hard.
Looking foward is harder.
Becuase of what you did.
This is partly why I try to kill myself everyday.

But one thing remains easy.
And that is hating you

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