Looking Back

I found a photo yesterday
It was of me and you
When we were young and happy and
Our lives less stressful, too.

The years have gone by rapidly
Since we had that portrait taken;
Who knew where our lives would lead,
What was right or was mistaken.

Looking back on all those years
Before our hair turned gray;
Our children took up all our time,
We all had time to play.

We have more time on hand these days
Our schedules aren’t so tight;
It’s time to slow things down a bit
And just enjoy doing what feels right.

If we’re destined to go separate ways
And take a different course,
We’ll just move on and take what comes,
No regrets and no remorse.

by Gail Grierson

Comments (1)

Gail, everything changes with time, relationships grow together or grow apart... a very mature ending to an excellent poem! ! Brian