Looking Back (A Poet’s Poem)

Looking back,
I wrote a lot of poems.

Looking back,
I loved writing a lot.

Looking back,
I wanted to write again.

But looking back,
And reading my own poems….

Makes me wonder why I write at all...


by Sana Olivia Hernandez

Comments (2)

Dear Sana With your consent, I want to change the last line from why I write at all to HOW I WRITE WHAT IS THERE. By changing the adverb from WHY to HOW you also change the attitude from judgment to observation. But (this is important) you have not changed the meaning. The number and quality of your poems haven't changed, and you are still in a state of wonder. This is a personal poem and you may not want to change it. But a poem is also, as Emily Dickinson put it, MY LETTER TO THE WORLD. Let those who read this letter decide for themselves whether or not it was worth your writing it, let the poem and the reader interact freely without the negative jusgment implicit in your WHY statement. The world of your readers may surprise you! ! Give them that chance.
My sentiments also! Writing prolifically and wondering why I do it. Great reflective poem, it achieved it's purpose in my mind. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn