(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Looking Back Again

Do you ever look back on your life
And wish some things you could change
Or at least if it were in your power
Then parts you would definitely rearrange

Sometimes we delve into our childhoods
Remember our loved ones from long ago
And those who were not our favorites
Still at times at place where we’d go

Our years seem much like woven chapters
The kind we might read in a book
Some short and good and powerful
And others, well, we’d rather not look

The homes we lived in at different times
Starting with our first childish memories
A little blurry when were very small
Still we have bits and pieces of stories

The pets we dearly loved long ago
Some seemed to just disappear
We have sweet memories inside our minds
And at times they still bring a tear

What if we went back and found
Places we lived from the past
Would they be the way we remember them
Like written in stone that was cast

As we get older some things in our history
Mean more to us each and every day
And for the most part if I had a chance
There’s not much I would change today!

by Marilyn Lott

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