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Looking Back On My Life-2

So I look back on my life
trying to find a happy moment
to block out the pain
to have something to think about
well they yell
yell about me
yell about my mistake
yell about my life
he blames me
she blames him
I blame them
But I can’t think of a moment
not of one time I was happy
all I remember is pain
suicidal thoughts
why? Why was I never happy?
Why was I always crying?
Why was I always stressed?
Why was I always depressed?
why was i always anger?
Why was I always thinking suicidal thoughts?

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(Looking Back On My Life-2 - Poem by Scarlet..…) You’d be surprised how many people have had this same experience. An impressive piece of poetry.
U are so talented
i love the way you write, you are very talented wen it comes to poem writing. i especially love this poem because i know that the reason u feel this way is probably completely different 2 y i feel this way but i jst lyk to knw that im not the only 1 that is going thru this, all tho it dusn't help much but still. keep writing. luv ally