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Looking For Guidance
EVM (April 24,1880 (I wish) / Moscow)

Looking For Guidance

Poem By Elena V. Moonray

I am looking for guidance
Looking for guidance
Asking the moon,
Looking at the stars,
Catching the whispers
Hearing rain drops
Feeling the winds
Hugging the dogs
Asking the birds
Listening to the heart beat
Looking in the mirror
Dancing.Thinking of the past lives
Loving my friends
Watching my fish swim
Asking for wisdom
Looking for guidance.
Becoming an antenna

Looking into the eyes
Looking for guidance
Smiling. Breathing the air
Becoming a heart beat
Becoming a moon
Becoming the stars
Disappearing. Checking reception.
Thanking the winds
Thanking a smile
Following the warmth
Letting everything be
Feeling the flow
Becoming a stray dog
Becoming a bird
Smelling the flowers
Walking on the sand

Opening to beauty
Surrender to silence
Growing inside
Becoming a tree
Growing roots
Growing leaves
Enjoying the winds
Dancing in the rain
Greeting the sun
Becoming a child
Loosing the fear
Loosening my hair
Opening my arms wide

Nov 4,05

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It is more like you are 'giving' guidance - to the reader - by showing how all life and nature is connected and we are part of it. Great poem, very pantheist in spirit