Looking For Home

Searching aimlessly
for just one thing...
a place to call home
a place to be alone.

I miss her
does she miss me?
...sitting here in poverty
everyone's so lonely
everyone's so hungry.
I'll never see her again...
being surounded, imprisoned.
I can't get out
she cant get in.
We're fighting a war we'll never win.

Fight and scream
is all they do.
Shoot their guns that
pierce through and through.
their joy, blood, sorrow and pain...
is all the same.
And we are to blame.

Now we sit on the floor
like we did just months before.
With no place to call our own...
still no place to be alone.
Our love is buried
like the hope we used to carry...

Trapped, cold, and angry...
they point fingers trying to blame me
...I'm all alone
on my own
...just looking for my home.

by Nicole Jaimie Carothers

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