ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Looking For The Real Never Land

If you believe in fairytales, clap your hands?
If you believe in not growing up, smile?
Then follow me to find a real never land.

All I wish is to party and play.
No rules to listen too,
And a spot to hideaway

I want a niche with no bullies,
A park that is full of crazy rides,
And great activities

Let’s find this magical space.
It’s not all that far away.
Listen and follow me to this place.

Close your eyes real tight.
Fantasize something you love.
This will be the guiding light.

If you see a blank grandstand,
Relax a bit further
A curtain opened to your never land.

Castles, toys, and ice cream,
I see it all and much more.
It is the world of dreams.

Flying kites,
Running wild
It is all in my sight.

Open your eyes
Wasn’t it a great adventure?
It is a idea you can do all the time.

Now grab a pencil and pad,
And create a tale,
It will be your own fad.

When you have finished the fable,
This will be your never land.
It is a chance shared at any table.

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