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Looking For You

I look for you everywhere
My mind tells me your there - somewhere
'Cause when I close my eyes to sleep
Your there, as large as life to me
The centre of my dreams.

I feel the softness of your skin.
Golden hair silky and smooth.
And although no words between us pass
I imagine just how you might laugh
If I said 'I love you'!

Friends listen and say 'Let it go',
I shake my head with a 'You don't know',
I know they're right, your only a dream
But what the day I find you for real! .

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Cecilia, I was so drawn into you through your heartfelt words of poetry as your talent is glowing brightly. The message you have composed here is sincerely meaningful to so many and a third party and/or friends can really mess things up between one personal business of love as I have experienced it and seen it many times. Listen to your own heart and follow what its telling you. Now, I must Thank You for sharing your creative words of art with all of us and especially for giving us all just a little of you. Wonderful poem Cecilia. Will you please do me a big favor as I ask that you please never consider placing your creative poetic pen down as your wonderful words of poetry would be dearly missed causing many to bear a frown. Your Reading Fan, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)
love stays in the heart uplifts the heart and only the lovers can know the complete truth a fine poem