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Looking Glass
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Looking Glass

Poem By j.c. monterrosa

Rays of sunshine light the streets
As people scurry back and forth;
My thoughts remain outdoors …

In my chair, I nod my head
I hear the words,
My eyes glaze,
I yearn to be with you…

You cross the street so carefully,
With long dark hair,
Buttoned overcoat,
Gloves on hands,
Frosty breath in tiny crystals,
Coming from angelic lips…

I almost hear
The tatter of your footsteps
Blending with the sloshing snow;
Take me there with you…

Think of freedom,
Think of sunlight warmth,
Think of brisk refreshing winds,
Think of walking winter wonder slush;
I tell myself these things like prayers,
Hoping that you’ll rescue me,
Yet here I sit indoors…

Life awaits us,
Worlds to see,
Open skies;
I see you there,
Through the looking glass…

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