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Looking Glass
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Looking Glass

As before and as will be,
You are mine to hold.
All that matter's in this world is wrapped inside your soul.
Not to be questioned or doubted in anyway.
I look at you and see everything that is real to me.

Looking Glass......
Of Love......
One that is fewer then most can see.
Not all have it.
Not all can let love be.
They destroy all that is beautiful and don't hold it close to there heart.
Never understanding, its just love.....
Let it be and it will beat true to ones heart.

A laugh that is the forever,
A tear so well refined.
An ending of happily ever after is sadded when love has retreated and said good-bye.

Looking Glass......
Of truth.....
Beat now and see me through.
For today I have everything and love is my proof.

Be it today or tomorrow.
Be it now or soon.

Love is my forever.

And my forever is with you.

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