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Looking In
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Looking In

Staring into your eyes I see a broken soul waiting to be mended
As you open your mind and speak I hear the life you intended
Touching your skin I feel the life radiating off you, making you glow
As we kiss I feel the chemistry we have, and a love we never thought we'd know
Now I just can't let go, please push me away I need to breathe
Wait, no, keep me here, I love the way you feel and never want to leave
Now I feel torn, between the love for you I have and the fear of heartbreak
But as we lock lips I feel fate reassuring me I am avoiding heartache.
The excitment in the air is making me crazy, crazy for your love
It's like finally getting to the finish after having to push and shove
But this finish signifies much more than a title or a trophy to me.
This feeling signifies at least I hope, we were meant to be
Meant to love, meant to share, meant to cry, meant to laugh, and meant to die... Together
You and I are building something that with the right foundation can last forever.
And that foundation is right inside of us, waiting to be used
Turned into cement that will rebuild from what he abused
Standing here breathing in your essense is something to marvel at.
Saying I own the presence before me which that draws me in and is still doing that.
That is another thing entirely, but something I am confident to believe.
Something about it feels right, and I can trust my heart although I've known it do decieve....

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